Some Nice Food You Can Bring When You Go Hiking

Food is an essential part of your plan when you go hiking. You will be going through a physical and often times strenuous activity. You want to make sure that your body has enough fuel to burn as it goes on the hike.

Importance of food when you go hiking

When you do anything strenuous, your body burns calories. Usually, these are in the form of protein, carbohydrates, and even fat. When the body finds nothing to burn, it will turn to your organs. You do not want that to happen on your hiking trip. You want to feel strong enough to enjoy the scenic views of the summit. Not only that, you want to have enough energy as you go down. While the trip down is usually shorter, it still requires energy.There are a couple of considerations when it comes to deciding what food to bring when you go hiking. You have to consider the length of your trip. Not only that, you have to determine how much you need. Take a look at where you will hike for some clues. You should also consider if you will bring tools for cooking and preparing your food.

Staying hydrated is also an important part of your plan. You need at least 2 cups of fluid intake every hour that you are hiking.

Type of food to bring when you go hiking

So what are the type of food that you should bring when you go hiking?

You are advised against bringing fresh food unless you plan to stay only for a day. Among the fresh produce, carrots are the ones that usually last long outside a cooler. The best food to bring are the dry ones like pasta, instant rice, soup mixes, etc. These are not only light, they also take up less space and will give you a great meal when you need it.

There are also dehydrated meals that you can bring. These are more costly but will make your meals worthwhile. Pack some nuts and dried fruits as well.Canned foods are a popular option because they are economical, last long, and tasty too. However, they can be heavy. You can check if some of them come in vacuum-sealed pouches. Among your options include tuna, canned meat, and vegetables. You can toss them in the pot as you cook your rice.

Do not forget to pack some spices when you go hiking. These do not take up much space if you pack them well and they will make your meals delicious. You also have the option to bring flavoured drink as long as they are in powder form.