New Camping Equipment

I was going through my camping equipment when I realised I needed a new sleeping bag and spork for eating. I did not really expect that I needed to spend on this so I am in a bit of a rut but after buying what I needed, I couldn’t help but feel excitement once more!

I am going to Sweden!

What I plan to bring to Sweden

Anyway, my equipment is pretty complete. There were times when I thought about camping on my own – but I have yet to do it. Nevertheless, I went out to buy the stuff that I needed one by one. And now, I can proudly say that I have the basic things that I need in camping.

First of all, I have my own tent. It is not big – it can fit two at the most. It will be quite comfortable during our trip. My friends and I decided to divide what we needed to bring. For instance, I will be the one to bring the tent and another will bring the cooking equipment. These are the stuff that we can share. But for the others, we need to have our own.

For instance, we need our own sleeping bags. That is why I am forced to buy a new one. We also have to carry a complete set of navigational equipment – e.g. a compass. The first-aid kit is also necessary and we need to have our own.

I heard that prices in Sweden can be really expensive so we must bring our own stuff to avoid spending more than we should.

When it comes to my own camping equipment, I only need to replace the two that I mentioned. And I couldn’t be happier with what I was able to buy.

My new camping equipment

Let us start with my sleeping bag. I got the Highlander Sleepline 300. I chose the black mummy sleeping bag. I only paid £20 for it. I like how comfortable it is because it has soft inner fabrics. It also has a season rating of 2-3 – which is perfect for our trip. The stuff sack also has a handle so I can probably just clip it on my backpack. I haven’t really tried it yet.Not for the utensils, I sort of went overboard a bit. I got the complete set. It is the Wildo Camp-a-box that I got for £17. It has a plate with a lid, 2 fold-a-cups, a cutting board, spice shaker, and a spork. What I love about it is the cups came in two sizes. I can use one for a soup and the other for my drink. Not only that, it can all fit into a small container. It is so awesome! You understand why I bought the whole thing, right?

I think I also have to bring bug spray as part of my camping equipment. I heard the mosquitos are nasty in Sweden during the summer.

The excitement keeps on building! I cannot wait!