Long Walks Require Good Walking Shoes

I got new walking shoes!

Yes, I had to throw the old ones because it was starting to become a let down when I walk on slippery paths. Besides, my old shoes have been with me on several adventures. I think it deserves to retire in peace.

So what did I get? I got the North Face Hedgehog IV GTX!

My new walking shoes

North Face is known for producing great outdoor equipment. Naturally, it was the first store I looked into for my new walking companion. I also looked at other stores but I had to come back because I knew that what I needed was in this one.

The shoes cost me £98.94. It was originally £109.94 but it was sold with a 10% discount. I know – it is still a bit on the expensive side but when I tell you all about it, you will realise why it is worth it.First of all, it looks great. I got the black one with a rugged design that is perfect for me. It suits my personality really well. According to the product description, it is meant to be both durable and comfortable. For the durability, I would have to confirm that later on. But when I tried the shoes on – it really was comfortable. It is meant for both light hikes and at the same time, difficult trails. The walking shoes use Vibram rubber outsoles. This gives it a more superior grip.

The shoes are abrasion resistant with its breathable mesh material. It is also waterproof! To top it all off, the shoes are really lightweight – which is really surprising since it has a lot of technical features and support systems. The guy from the store also said it will keep the moisture off my feet when it starts to sweat while I go on hikes. That means no more bad-smelling feet! Well, that is something we still need to test.

As you can see, I really think I got a good value for my money. We will see how these walking shoes perform when I get it out there but as for now, I just want to admire these new shoes.

What to look for when buying walking shoes

In case you are buying shoes for your outdoor adventures, make sure you try it on. And I mean really try both shoes on and walk around. This is a must. Some people just read the product description or look at the aesthetics of the product. They try on one shoe and if it fits, they buy it.Do not be like that. These are walking shoes. You need to walk with both shoes on. That is the only way you can decide if your feet fits well as you go through the motions. Your feet expand as you walk so you want to make sure there are no tight spots anywhere.

And do not forget the important qualities of a good pair of walking shoes. It has to be comfortable, lightweight, waterproof, breathable, rugged, and has a strong grip. You want it to keep you from slipping even when it starts to rain on the trail.

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