Went For A Long Hike This Weekend

I had a rough week so I decided to go on a long hike this weekend to relax and unwind. If you have been reading some of my posts, you will realise that I use the outdoors to help refresh my mind and soul after a stressful time at work.

About my long hike this weekend

So where did I go? I went to the Lake District to go up Scafell Pike. This is the one peak that a lot of people want to trek. I have gone to this place a couple of times so this trip was not new to me. I went alone this weekend because my week was that bad!

Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in England. It is 3,209 feet but despite that, it is within reach of all types of walkers. It is a pretty long climb and it usually takes 6 hours to complete the hike. The weather was great this weekend so I didn’t have any problems going up. This place can be tricky when it is raining. The hike is around seven miles going up to Wasdale Head.

Going up Scafell Pike

What was it like going on the long hike to the top of Scafell Pike? It was tiring but really worth it.

The hike up took me two and a half hours. As I said, I climbed this spot before so I know my way. I took the Corridor route since it was the longest and had quite a gentle ascent. As I said, I wanted to relax but I also wanted a longer hike. So this was the best route for me.

I dressed warmly for this hike and I also used mountain boots – not my new walking shoes. I also brought my map, compass, and a couple of essentials like a torch, whistle and my survival kit. I was alone so I needed to make sure I am well equipped. You never know what can happen, right?When I reached the top after the hike, I spent an hour or so before I went back. I packed some food and I took my lunch there as I gazed upon the beautiful scenery. It was as breathtaking as I remembered. After that, I started my trek back down. I had no plans of staying the night and I needed to get home on the same day.

I can say that the long hike really helped me face another week. I had a lot of deadlines to complete and I know that I am now more able to do them. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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