What I Love About Nature

I have always been very vocal about nature and how much I love outdoors. Some of you may be wondering why. Let me dwell on this in this post.

Personal reasons to love nature

To start with, I have a lot of memories growing up outdoors. Like me, my father was also a lover of outdoor activities. We always try to go fishing every chance we get. There is also this woodland nearby that we used to explore.

But that is not all, even my childhood friends love to play outdoors. Boys will be boys, right? The woodlands became our favourite playground. We can be anyone we like when we are in that place. We can hide from the rest of the world and just be kids.

That is what I like about nature. It brings back the fond memories of my youth. I was lucky enough to live beside those woodlands. It gives me a good feeling of simplicity and relaxation. That was the life that I had as a child. Whenever I feel stressed, I find myself longing for that feeling and that is when I usually go on a hiking trip.

Other reasons to love about nature

Beyond that, there are other reasons why I love nature.

When I am outdoors, I feel both insignificant and special at the same time. When I feel stressed, I realise that the world does not care about my problems. Life goes on for them regardless of what I am going through. That gives me hope that my troubles will pass.

But then again, I also feel special because of the talents that I have compared to the other species in nature. I get to realise how much I have when I compare it with the rest of God’s creation.It may sound quite profound but that is what I feel about nature. It has a calming effect that I know everyone experiences. The beauty and magnificence of nature make you realise that the world does not revolve around you. It places your troubles in a different light and you are faced with the reality that your life will not be destroyed by it.

That gives me a very good feeling in my soul.